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Smart Class

Today, as the traditional Chalk and Talk method of teaching is not sufficient to satisfy the various demands of the student so we have set Smart Classroom to cater to the needs of the teachers and students. Although, at present we have three such Classrooms, but we have decided to add few more in future. Classes on various subjects are held here where the students can have access to a vast store of knowledge beyond the prescribed text. A large interactive board with an overhead Projector and e-content from ‘Extramarks’ groups for classes III to XII is no doubt a favourite place for learning among the students.



The Institute is supported by a health center called “Niramay” that is run under the direction of a qualified physician and paramedics. Competent medical professionals specialising in homeopathy, ayurveda, and allopathy often visit Niramay. Every day, the boys can receive therapy outside, and medical attention is provided for any emergencies or diseases the boys may have. The personnel, their families, and the locals are all eligible for free medical care and medication from the dispensary. To visit Niramay, students need to get permission from the Vidyalaya office.



A sizable library with a vast selection of literature for readers of all ages is housed at the Vidyalaya. Additionally, students in schools VI through XII have access to a vast library of reference books covering every topic. The library has a quiet study area next to the reading room.

The library also has computer facility for access to the latest information on various topics. The library subscribes to 10 daily local and national newspapers and 9 magazines. It has in store more than 12,000 books and we are adding books in this repository each year with an insatiable thirst for Knowledge.


Play Grounds

All sports-related activities take place on three different-sized playgrounds that students refer to as “Red Field,” “Green Field,” and “PT Field.” One of the grounds, ‘Green Field’ have galleries for the spectators and very soon ‘Red Field’ will be also decorated with galleries. Regular Games Classes along with other Sporting events like the Annual – Sports Meet, Inter-Class Cricket and Football tournaments are held in these venues every year. Weekly Physical Training and Drill Classes are conducted in PT field.


Drawing Room

A highly skilled drawing instructor at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya provides excellent instruction to students in both drawing and sculpting. Similar to music, kids begin studying this topic as a co-curricular starting in class III. All kinds of drawing activities, such as pencil sketches, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, and more, are made possible by two drawing rooms that are fully furnished with canvas, easels, brushes, paints, and other essential supplies.


Music Room

Beginning in Class III, Hindustani vocal music and tabla are taught to students as extracurricular activities. Aspiring students receive vocal and instrumental instruction in two adjoining rooms furnished with a variety of traditional musical instruments. The Vidyalaya’s three music instructors teach Indian classical music and get the pupils ready for a year-round calendar of cultural events and contests.


Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall ‘Vivekananda Sabhagriha’ is an integral feature of Vidyalaya, with superb acoustics, a sound system, dias, and flexible seating arrangement. It fulfills two functions for the Vidyalaya: it provides a location for the daily morning assembly and functions as an auditorium for special programs. For morning assembly, all of the students, instructors, and support personnel congregate here each day. This hall can be transformed into an auditorium with fantastic seating for over 900 people when the fiber seats are set up. Massive pillars encircling the hall on all four sides give the school an amazing Gothic appearance.



The Vidyalaya canteen provides for the needs of both employees and students. Here you may get good cuisine at reasonable pricing. The Vidyalaya’s midday meal is likewise prepared and served by the canteen. Staff members are entitled to lunch, subject to advance ordering.


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