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Ms. Rama Manta

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The smooth working of an institution requires principles and behavior which are appropriate and conducive to its operation. Ethics are the determining moral principles that ensure and dictate the right conduct. Similarly, professional ethics are standards of behavior and conduct required by professionals towards fellow professionals and towards their institution. A professional must be loyal, have respect for others, should be law-abiding, honest, and trustworthy, to name some ethical principles. Professional ethics is a summation of ethics and conduct in an institution.

Rajkiya Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, an institution of excellence, which focuses on ‘transforming young girls into well integrated individuals’ strives to inculcate ethical standards of behavior and conduct not only amidst its staff members but also in the young students of the college, the future builders of the nation. Being a government college, Rajkiya Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, is governed by Central Civil Services (Conduct Rules 1964).



Vision :

“To transform young girls into well-integrated individuals through inclusive education, who can face the challenges of life with courage and commitment for a successful life and devote themselves towards nation building with a sense of dedication, duty and respect for humanity.”

Mission :

“The college focuses on the holistic development of girls motivating and moulding them into world citizens who would illumine the lives that they would touch.”


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